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Understanding Eye & Vision Health


Scientists have discovered several independent genetic variations that may play a role in whether someone develops AMD. It is estimated that genetic AMD accounts for almost 70% of all AMD related cases. These variations can be passed down from your family through variation and mutation of a series of genetic code that details the makeup of your eye structure, functionality, and vulnerabilities.


Age is one of the more obvious causes of AMD. As we get older, our eyes take on more damage and are susceptible to various types of exposure that may be detrimental to us, such as UV light from the sun, and damage caused by free radicals. AMD is the result of gradual deterioration of light-sensing cells in the tissue at the back of the eye. An estimated 2% of people in their 50s suffer from AMD whereas an estimated 35% of people at the age of 75 do. As sensitive as our eyes are to damage, this is still courses of action we can do. We can help to improve our overall eye health by getting good amounts of healthy antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin, either from our diet or from vision support supplements.

Diet and Lifestyle

Your eyes are extremely sensitive to external stimuli and as such are extremely vulnerable to damage. Free radical damage, very common with smoking cigarettes, is one of the leading contributors to eye damage. It is estimated that you could be more than four times more likely to get AMD if you are a regular smoker as opposed to never having smoked. Alcohol and a poor diet can also contribute to eye damage over time. This is why many people are looking towards their diet and to vision support supplements to help improve their conditions.

Diet & Nutrition Play A Vital Role In Your Vision Helath.

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