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Probiotic gut boost formula with 40 billion probiotic bacteria.

Chlorella Super Green + by Nuzena

Chorella is a super green algae that helps to detoxify your gut.

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Turmeric infused natural anti-inflammatory gut health formula.

Understanding Gut Health

Build a Healthy Immunity

Your immune system is often associated with flighting off flus and sickness but it is responsible for far more. Our body produces immune cells that help our body fight off intruders such as inflammations, free radicals, and viruses. Inflammation plays a role in every type of disease, condition, or illness. Whether it’s an autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, or eczema, there is an inflammation at the root of the problem. Studies indicate that managing these conditions is dependent on finding harmony between the brain and the gut. When your gut is healthy and you have a diet consisting of good bacteria (probiotics) then you’re building your immune systems line of defence. A high probiotic diet conisting of fermented foods, dairy products, or probiotic supplements can help to achieve this.

Heal a Leaky Gut

When our gut health is poor it may lead to what is known as leaky gut syndrome. Essentially this means toxic substances are transferring from the digestive tract back into your bloodstream. In small doses, our body can handle these antagonists, but if left unattended the consequences may be a lot worse. Leaky gut syndrome has a long list of symptoms in including: Anxious Tendencies, Bloating, Cramping, Diarrhea or Constipation, Food, Sensitivity, Gas, Headaches/Migraines, Insomnia, Joint Pain,Skin Rashes Redness/Blotchiness.

Avoid Gut Inflammation

After a lifetime of processed foods, refined sugars, toxic cosmetics, GMOs, prescription medications, and stress our gut health becomes compromised. Eventually, these foreign substances negatively build up to create an overly acidic environment. When the pH balance goes past 7, your microbiome becomes harder for good probiotic bacteria to survive. As a result, inflammations are prone to flaring up. Fortunately though you can reverse this through your diet and even through adding probiotics back into your gut flora probiotic supplements.

Gut Nutrition Plays
A Vital Role In Your
Physical & Mental Health.

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