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Understanding Hair Growth


While it is partially true that the X chromosome, inherited from women, carries with it the androgenic receptor for the DNA of your hair. A variation or mutation of the androgenic receptor is commonly thought to be responsible for male pattern baldness and female baldness; however, some studies indicate there could be a number of epigenetic factors that this could be attributed to.


Hormones are arguably the most important factor that leads to hair loss. The most widely quoted nemesis of hair follicles is DHT. DHT production is associated with hair follicle shrinkage and eventual termination of hair growth. DHT production will lead to male & female pattern baldness in those who are genetically susceptible to hair loss. The other hormone which can trigger hair fall is cortisol. Cortisol is released by the body through the adrenal glands and is very important in helping the body respond to stress. Bad stress can cause damage to the adrenal glands, can cause inflammation in the body and contribute to hair loss.

Diet & Lifestyle

Going into a more granular level, you should ensure you are not
deficient in any vitamins – you should have adequate levels of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K and all its sub constituent vitamins (e.g. B12 is a sub constituent of Vitamin B). Biotin is required for cell proliferation and plays an important part in producing amino acids (protein) which are required for your hair to grow. This is vital as your hair is made almost entirely of the fibrous structural protein called Keratin.

The best way to improve hair growth is to start early.

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