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Turmeric Curcumin + by Nuzena

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Joint Support + by Nuzena

Advanced natural joint health and mobility support formula.

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Advanced Omega-3 formula for cartilage health and flexibility.

Understanding Joint Health

Joint Pain

There are several potential causes of joint pain. The most common is age, as your age increases and the collagen that builds cartilage in your joints start to deteriorate, aches and pains are more likely to occur. Another common cause is arthritis or osteoarthritis. Those with arthritis develop pain due to complex neurophysiological processes that lead to the generation of inflammation and painful sensations. This can be extremely discomforting, however there are some measures you can take. Joint therapy and refloxology can be very beneficial, and even looking towards your diet or joint support supplements can be a great help.

Joint Pain Treatment

If you have joint pain of stiffness there are several things that you can do to support this include exercising or changing your current fitness routine, stretching, physical therapy, possibly losing weight, and addressing any underlying health condition. Stiff muscles due to inactivity can cause joint pain in the body or worsen conditions such as arthritis. Regularly exercising can help strengthen and stretch the affected joints and muscles, improving circulation and often reducing pain. Also you can look towards your diet or to joint support supplements to help reduce the effects of joint pain.

Diet & Lifestyle

Joint health can certainly be improved by adding key nutrients and joint support products to your diet. Ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin can help to prevent the adverse effects of oxidation and in some cases help to repair damaged cartilage. Anti-inflammatory ingredients such as turmeric, ginger and boswellia are great for reducing inflammation throughout the body. You can take them as supplements in order to obtain a more concentrated dosage, or use them in cooking.

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