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The Nuzena journey.

The core vision at Nuzena is to empower people to achieve their health goals through a combination of providing fantastic health products as well as the accessibility to consultation by health professionals. This has been the driving force behind all developments to the Nuzena end-user service and to the supplement line.

The founder Ryan, after having worked for several years in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplements industry, saw a growing need for customer product education and consultation when evaluating natural health alternatives.

While patients who sought traditional medicine could get prescriptions and advice from doctors, people seeking natural alternatives and dietary supplements were left largely abandoned to do their own research without proper guidance or expertise.

For real customers in need of a good health solution, it was a nightmare! Looking online we saw thousands of rogue “healthcare companies” with no, little, or incorrect contact information attempting to sell dubious health products online. Some of which looked to be of poor quality or low potency, but many of which certainly appeared to lack the care, capability or efficiency necessary to help people make thoroughly informed decisions about their health.

That then gave birth to the idea of a technology-enabled solution that could not only provide seamless accessibility to a wealth of information on natural ingredients, remedies, and natural health research but to provide people accessibility to high quality natural products with free consultation by real health experts.

Nuzena then developed into the system we have today that allows any user in the world to input data specific to their diet, lifestyle, and health goals, in order to generate a completely tailored health and wellness report by health specialists. A complete diet and lifestyle recommendation action plan, free to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time.

After getting fantastic customer feedback on this service, it was a natural progression to develop a product line of supplements that aligned with the common health goals of our users. We wanted to provide a line of quality formulas that would bear what is now our product philosophy and what we stand for in every bottle. Be kind to your body, be kind to the planet, and be kind to others.

Nuzena now has tens of thousands of customers, and provides thousands more free tailored online health consultations helping people all over the world on the journey to accomplishing their health goals. We are paving the way for a new approach to health & wellness and hope that you will join us on this journey.

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