Meet our team

Meet our talented team of health professionals & content creators


Anita Tejani

Nutritional Scientist (MSc, BSc)

Anita is a nutritional scientist specialized in gut health and the microbiome. Anita is well educated in several areas of health science carrying a Master of Science in Personalized Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science focussed in Genetics & Microbiology. She is the founder of, an evidence-based website devoted to researching the rare disorder of histamine intolerance.


Tisha Riman

Certified Nutritionist

Tisha is a nutritionist, writer, recipe developer + food photographer. She has a passion for nutrition, and has written for magazines and digital platforms on all things health, wellness and buzzword-y superfoods. She also develops healthy recipes and creative content for brands, restaurants, cookbooks and health experts. You can find more of her work at


Melanie Bertaud

Certified Detox Specialist

Mel is a naturopathic plant-based chef and certified detox specialist. Her mission is to help people reconnect with their vibrant selves through food. When she’s not in the kitchen making superfood chocolate or in front of her laptop researching the latest nutrition breakthrough, you’ll find her sipping pints of chai latte in her local vegan coffeeshop. Learn more at

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