Organic Ashwagandha +


Helps to reduce stress-related anxiety*
Helps to support thyroid health*
Helps to improve mood*

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Health benefits

Natural support to help reduce anxiety, regulate thyroid issues, and improve mood*

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Suitable for Men & Women

Organic Ashwagandha + formula is made with ingredients suitable for both men & women

100% Drug-free

Made with pure and natural ingredients inside an FDA registered facility that adheres to GMP guidelines

The Only Ashwagandha Formula You’ll Ever Need

Organic Ashwagandha + is a natural and organic formula, that has been specifically designed by health professionals to help reduce stress-related anxiety, support thyroid health, and promote healthier mental wellbeing.

Organic Ashwagandha (1300mg)

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that can improve your health in a multitude of ways. Ashwagandha can help to bring your body back into balance. It contains a unique set of compounds called alkaloids that can benefit your adrenal health, thyroid health, and brain health. This is perfect for someone who needs natural support for stress, anxiety, or sleeping troubles. It may also support libido in sexual health and also help to increase energy levels too. Ashwagandha is truly one of the most diverse health powerhouses on the planet.

Organic Black Pepper (10mg)

Black pepper is a fantastic antioxidant and antibacterial ingredient that actually has several health benefits for the mind and body. For one, it helps to optimize nutrient absorption and stimulate bioavailability making it perfect for combining with Ashwagandha for more nutrient efficiency. Black pepper may also help to improve digestion and even stimulate weight loss.

What are the benefits you ask?

Ashwagandha is one of the most versatile plants on the planet. Its root has several health benefits, particularly for mental health, as it has a calming and regulating effect on your mood. This makes it great for helping to reduce anxiety, helping to support mental focus, and even help in supporting an elevation in mood.

Helps to reduce stress-related anxiety*

Ashwagandha is widely recognized for its ability to help reduce anxiety. This works through its apparent reduction in the stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol increases as we are exposed to more stress and can create longer-term fatigue and mental fogginess. Brain structures and neural pathways for emotion and memory are damaged when cortisol is too high. Past clinical studies have shown that Ashwagandha significantly reduces serum cortisol levels with patients all reporting a reduction in their anxiousness.

Helps to support thyroid health*

Ashwagandha may also be effective in reducing the effect of thyroid issues. Recent studies indicate promising results regarding hypothyroidism. An 8-week study in 50 people with hypothyroidism found that taking 600 mg of Ashwagandha root extract daily led to significant improvements in thyroid levels, compared to taking a placebo. Those in the ashwagandha group showed significant increases in triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) levels of 41.5% and 19.6%, respectively. Furthermore, thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels decreased by 17.5%.

Helps to support mood & mental health*

Ashwagandha can not only help to relieve stress and anxiety through reducing your cortisol hormone levels but it can also help to increase a process called synaptic plasticity, which is responsible for transferring neurons through your neurotransmitters. This process is vital for optimizing several elements of your regular brain function including memory recall, regulating mood and emotional state, and even regulating your circadian sleeping pattern and improving your quality of sleep.

Nuzena Quality Certification

As part of Nuzena’s commitment to formula quality and transparency, we have now developed our own quality certification tracker so you can now see the ingredient quality testing results of each batch of our products in real-time.

All Nuzena formulas are tested for quality, safety, and efficacy using a trusted 3rd party laboratory. You may download the most recent results of our ingredient testing at any time using the link below.

Joel L. Nelson – Laboratory Manager

Summit Test Laboratories

The Organic Ashwagandha + formula has been 3rd party tested using the BioLumix microbiology system to detect traces of various contaminating ingredients to ensure the highest possible quality in our ingredients.

E.coli – Passed

Salmonella – Passed

Staphylococcus aureus – Passed

Yeasts & Molds – Passed

The Organic Ashwagandha + formula has been 3rd party tested in accordance with USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standard <2232> ‘Elemental Contaminants In Dietary Supplements’ toxicology reporting.

Arsenic – Passed

Cadmium – Passed

Lead – Passed

Mercury – Passed

Organic Ashwagandha + has been tested for traces of allergens and is compliant to quality protocols and commitments. All verifications are completed inside an FDA registered facility that also adheres to GMP guidelines.

Gluten Free – Passed

Vegan Friendly – Passed

Non-GMO – Passed

Backed by scientific research

The ingredients used in our formulas are all backed up by scientific research by health professionals and institutions. Take a look at what some of the worlds most reputable sources have to say.

Memoerial Sloan Ketting Cancer Center

“Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, is a popular Ayurvedic herb and considered a tonic with multiple properties. In the lab, ashwagandha has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects and relax the central nervous system in animals.”

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Psychology Today

“Ashwaganda has been studied for its benefits to lower inflammation, help Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological disorders. Clinically, ashwaganda is found to be very helpful to calm anxiety, and specifically help agoraphobia (anxiety especially in open or crowded places).”

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“Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb traditionally considered anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, and adaptogenic. It is amphoteric in its action, as it can both stimulate and relax the nervous system; it is indicated for insomnia, fatigue, and debility caused by chronic stress.”

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Why Nuzena?

A few reasons why our customers love us.

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Product reviews

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  1. Tyson (verified owner)

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    Great product

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Wonderful stuff. Easy to order. Prompt delivery.

  3. Karolyn (verified owner)

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    When I researched Ashwagandha products yours look to be one of the best qualities.

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Maddie West

“I filled out the consultation and ashwagandha was recommended to me, I had no clue what it was but I looked it up and gave it a try and I am so happy I did. I feel like I have a lot more energy throughout the day, sleep better, and the I’ve noticed a massive curb in my occasional anxiety levels. Couldn’t reccomend more highly.”


Do I need a prescription to buy Organic Ashwagandha +?

No, you do not need a prescription to purchase Organic Ashwagandha +. Organic Ashwagandha + is 100% drug-free and is made with natural ingredients.

Are there any harmful side effects?

No, there are no harmful side effects of using Organic Ashwagandha + as directed. Before taking any supplement, however, it is always best to speak to your doctor to see if the formula is right for you.

How many capsules are in a bottle?

There are 60 capsules inside every bottle of Organic Ashwagandha +. This is equivalent to a 1-months supply.

Will ashwagandha help to treat my anxiety?

While the ingredients inside the Organic Ashwagandha + are backed by scientific research relating to their benefits for reducing cortisol levels, helping to reduce anxiousness, and improving your mood. It is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any diagnosed medical condition such as depression.

How do I use Organic Ashwagandha +?

You should take 2 capsules of Organic Ashwagandha + daily. For the best results take one during the middle of the day and one during the evening or as directed by your healthcare professional.

When can I expect to see the results?

While everyone’s biochemistry is different and individual results will vary, some users will notice the benefits almost immediately. For the best results, we encourage people to use Organic Ashwagandha + for at least 90 days.

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Dimensions 90 × 60 × 90 cm
Directions Of Use

As a dietary supplement take two (2) capsules once a day. For best results take 20-30 min before a meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Safety Warning

Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT USE IF SAFETY SEAL IS DAMAGED OR MISSING. STORE IN A COOL, DRY PLACE.